A discussion on the difficulties a translator faces

With the introduction of the Digital Versatile Disk, DVDthe ability to watch a comedy programme with subtitles is possible, whether it is in the same language in which it is originally produced or a translation into another language.

What should a translator do when faced with these common issues? Body language, tone of voice and attitude all play a role in understanding a foreigner. Smutts and Morreall both disagree with this theory as it does not account for all cases of laughter and Chapmanp. The style of short vs. This is therefore a major difficulty for the translator and only creative translators are able to complete such tasks.

Using this theory, the dissertation will aim to explore and focus on aspects that raise a certain degree of difficulty, if not the highest, always in relation to humour that is seen in a comedy sketch show.

Furthermore, understanding how idioms works and how they can be used make their translation much easier and clearer.

Gairns and Redman 10 2.

The Top 5 Challenges That Translators Face

Finally, we try to mention how an idiom can be possibly interpreted and translated in order to focus on the problems faced when translating idioms. Words with multiple meanings The use of a word or words in a sentence could give them different meanings. But only a translator knows how difficult and painstaking it is to translate a document without obfuscating the meaning of the sentences.

In Greek, such a room is called ksnona, while in Italian, a guest room is called camera per gliospiti. The style of the show of muscles. Thus, they can be categorized as follows: Academics highlight that this is the case when referring to humour.

Subtitling and dubbing are the most common methods of language transfer; however, subtitling is not as expensive and time consuming as dubbing. Culture then plays a major role. Another factor which complicates the understanding of languages even more is the existence of dialects.

However, if the stereotype is presented visually in a comedy sketch, then the humour may be lost for the target audience if they do not recognize the stereotype which is being shown.

Culture also plays a major part in the use of a language. The first theory is known as the superiority theory, proposed by Plato and then later strengthened by Hobbes.

About Author Follow Day Translations in Google PlusFacebook, and Twitter and be informed of the latest language industry news and events, as well as interesting updates about translation and interpreting. Humour is experienced on a daily basis and plays a vital role in the context of intercultural communication.

Work Cited Becker, Mona. For books, literary translations are about transmitting feelings, emotions and transcribing metaphors to make the fiction travel in an adapted yet accurate way. Ghazala 20 Lexical problems can be distinguished into the followings: The interesting aspect of these subsets is that within the same language, different populations can speak in a completely different way, with words that have diverse uses and sounds which are pronounced completely differently.

A wrong substitute word used by a translator can distort the whole sentence, which can botch the whole document as a result. Dialects are specific forms of languages spoken in particular regions or social groups. Therefore, visual aspects of the sketches from Little Britain may appear funny to the Spanish audience as there many characters that are men dressed up as women, however, as the show is subtitled, how is the same humorous message conveyed in Spanish?

Examples include love, marriage and so on. Gradually, this need of being able to understand other languages set the way to the emergence of a new discipline, concerned with expressing a language in other words of another language which is mostly known by Translation.

Then, we move to define the nature of idioms and their characteristics, types, classification and how they could possibly be translated. One of these is the translation of cultural aspects of the TL target language.

Difficulties of translating humour

Ghazala 01 3 Ghazala goes on to illustrate briefly what has been said in the examples below: The show, in general, deals with the social, political and economical situations in Great Britain.difficulties in translating the text because many of them depended on using dictionaries for general purposes instead of using specialized scientific dictionaries.

1. Introduction In scientific works, subject matter takes priority over the style of the translator one must be a scientist, or engineer, a linguist and a writer. Bachelor Thesis from the year in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Linguistics, grade: B+, University of Portsmouth, language: English, abstract: The focus of the dissertation will be the discussion of the difficulties that the translator encountered when faced with translating humour using the subtitled comedy sketch show Little Britain as a case study.

The study highlights the difficulties a translator faces within the process and, where relevant, possible alternative strategies that the translator could have applied in the translation process.

Read more. Reviews tightly retooled comprehension and discussion questions, self-tutorial exercises, translation tips, etymological aids, maps /5(2). Challenges Facing The Translator English Language Essay This essay has referred to a number of issues that the translator faces before translating into the target language.

My final point on challenges for the translator is legal translation and this essay concludes on the difficulties that the translator faces when trying to maintain.

Translation Challenges Faced by Translators

When translating from Japanese to Danish, the translator faces difficulties such as following the metre, including double meaning, cultural differences and special features of Japanese poetry. To adequately deal with these difficulties, the translator must be willing to compromise in the final translation.

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A discussion on the difficulties a translator faces
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